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RubyConf India

Posted on by Adrian Smith

I'm speaking at RubyConf India 2011

Ennova is a sponsor for this year's RubyConf India and has had a presentation accepted. One of our Senior developers Bhavin Javia will be presenting on the topic Software Quality and Test Strategies for Ruby and Rails Applications.

A summary of the presentation is given below - but expect to hear lots of practical ideas about code quality, testing, agile techniques and team practices.

Quality is one of the most important factors in deriving business value from software. However, many teams find it difficult to incorporate the appropriate quality and testing practices into their development processes. A test strategy helps create a shared understanding of what testing will be required, and how and when it will be executed.

The Ruby and Rails communities have embraced testing and code quality as core values, and a rich ecosystem of tools has developed. Despite this support, many developers and teams overlook the creation of a test strategy as it is thought to be an unnecessary overhead that is traditionally associated with formal/waterfall style development methodologies. However, a well developed Test Strategy can be the difference between great software and a maintenance nightmare.

This presentation will explain the process of defining quality (internal and external) for Ruby and Rails applications including metrics and targets. It will then explain the process for creating and executing a Test Strategy that ensures the intended quality objectives are achieved. Additionally, it will explain how to align a Test Strategy with the typical practices of a team using Agile or Lean methods.

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