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Software development

We believe great software is borne of great ideas and great execution. We want to hear about your idea, get excited and then build it. We use the best practices Agile has to offer including: test-driven development, continuous integration, rapid releases and close customer collaboration to deliver great software.

Web and Mobile Application Development

We love nothing more than a blank page and a great idea. We can nurture your vision to reality, gathering requirements progressively, designing, then building and refining it together. We are happy to tackle any development problem and specialise in web and mobile applications.


Project Rescue

Working software is the only worthwhile measure of progress, however it's not always software that's the problem. Our team not only builds great software, but understands how to build great software. By looking at the whole process and optimizing the pieces that need it - from requirements analysis and application architecture to test-driven development and continuous deployment - we can help get any project back on track.

Quality Assurance

Nobody's perfect. Software isn't built in a day, and building lasting software has to be a team effort. We have experience building great software and are more than happy to assist your team and your application on to greatness. Our development practices focus on producing clean, readable and well-designed code and we will review your code, architecture and environment to find areas waiting for improvement.

Agile and Lean

Increasingly organisations are using Agile and Lean to improve the delivery of projects and the operation of existing systems. When combined with effective governance, Agile and Lean provide benefits that include increased business value, reduced risk, greater flexibility and improved transparency.


Agile projects

Ennova uses Agile practices internally and has many years of experience selecting and adapting these practices to suit different working environments, technologies and skill-sets. This experience enables Ennova staff to rapidly identify opportunities to apply Agile methods (regardless of work-type), create customised delivery processes and resolve barriers preventing optimal usage.

Lean operations

Ennova uses Lean principles and practices to help clients achieve greater productivity, higher quality, reduced delivery times and lower overall costs. When combined with Agile, Lean provides an additional set of practices and approaches that are particularly relevant to operation and maintenance activities.

What we do